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About is a wholesale distributor of scuba diving and underwater photo & video equipment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and create value for both the manufacturers and the dealers withinin the scuba diving industry.

About the Manufacturers


Nocturnal Lights
Nocturnal Lights Inc. is a manufacturer of underwater lighting systems catering to various types of divers, underwater photographers, and underwater videographers all over the world. Their mission is to provide their dealers a full line of underwater lighting and imaging equipment through their products as well as their support for their dealers throughout the world. For more information about Nocturnal Lights' products, you may visit their homepage at



Keldan Lights
KELDAN started in the early 90s when Daniel Keller manufactured a dive light as a birthday present to his wife. The performance and quality of the light was so good that he was asked to produced more for members of his local dive club. Since then, the business has grown to a worldwide respected manufacturer of highest performing underwater video lighting equipments. For more information about Keldan's products, you may visit their homepage at



BS Kinetics
BS Kinetics specializes in the development and manufacture of all types of photo and video underwater housing. The company has been making various types of underwater housing since 1998. Situated in Germany, BS Kinetics produces professional grade underwater housings made of carbon fiber and high-quality plastic. All of their housings undergo both a pressure test and various breaking tests before delivery to ensure top quality products for their customers. For more information about BS Kinetics' products, you may visit their homepage at: