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The entire Keldan Lights product line can be used with both Nocturnal Lights' Flex Arm and Ball Joint systems.

To use the our Flex Arm system with your Keldan light, you simply need to use a standard YS style mount to attach your light with. The ring clip included with the Handle Kit connects to the YS style mount, allowing our Flex Arms to connect to your Keldan light. The Luna 8 LA-V, both CRI and FLUX, the Luna 4 V, and the Luna 4 L-H and Luna 8 L-H all come with a ring clip and the YS style mount, but do not come with an actual handle. When using our Flex Arms, you can use a Flex Arm Extension to lengthen a Flex Arm or connect a Flex Arm to another Flex Arm Extension.


Keldan Handle Kit
Luna 8 L-H with YS Mount LA-V on Flex Arm Flex Arm Extension
The Keldan Handle Kit comes with a YS style mount, the leftmost piece. The ring shaped object on the largest handle is removed and attached to the adapter for use with either Flex or Ball Joint arm systems.
Here is the Luna 8 L-H with the ring and YS style mount attached.
Here are Luna 8 LA-Vs attached to Flex Arms via the ring and YS style mount included in the Keldan Handle Kit.
The 6-inch Flex Arm extension can be used to lengthen a regular Flex Arm.


To use our Ball Joint system with your Keldan Light, you need to use a YS to Ball Joint Adapter. With this adapter, you may attach its YS side to your light (just like the Flex Arm system) and use the ball joint end to connect the light to your Ball Joint system. Ball Joint arms come in different lengths (three, five, eight, twelve, and sixteen inches) and are connected to each other via standard clamps or triple clamps.


Keldan Handle Kit YS to Ball Adapter Ball Joint Arm Ball Joint Clamp
Just like the Flex Arm system, the Ball Joint system uses the ring and YS style mount from the Keldan Handle Kit.
The YS to Ball Joint Adapter attaches its YS end to the YS style mount from the Handle Kit while the Ball Joint end connects to the ball joint system.
Ball Joint arms come in different lengths: 3, 5, 8, 12, and 16 inches.
Ball joint clamps like these connect ball joints to other ball joints.


Both the Flex Arm and Ball Joint system can connect to your camera housing, if it supports such, or to our tray and t-base system. Our trays come in three different lengths: eight inches, ten inches, and twelve inches. Our t-bases are available in three forms: for 5mm screws, for 10/32" screws, and for 1/4" screws. Our Flex Arm system connects to our trays (or your housing, if applicable) via t-base adapters. Our Ball Joint system connects similarly, with the difference that a special ball joint adapter is needed to connect the Ball Joint system to a t-base adapter on your tray or housing.


Flex Arms on a Tray
Ball Joint T-Base Adapter
Here you can see a Flex Arm system connected to one of our trays. Flex Arms connect to our trays via t-base adapters. This is the ball joint adapter that connects ball joint systems to the t-bases that attach to our trays.


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