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Nocturnal Lights

Print materials are available upon request.  They are generally sent out along with initial orders placed by dealers who just opened their accounts.  If you are attending any trade shows or are participating in any events please send an email to or add a note at the checkout page at the end of your order.  YouÌre welcome to request as much print material as you like as long as they are not going to waste.  

4x6 Product Post Cards for SLX 800t, SLX 800i Focus Light, and SLX 800i Video Lights

These glossy 4"x6" post cards can be placed around the store, at the checkout counter, included with every order, or shipped with any online or phone orders.  ItÌs a great way for you to let customers know that you are a Nocturnal Lights dealer and that you have access to a full line of premium dive lights, focus lights, and video lights.


Keldan Lights

Not available at this time.


BS Kinetics

Not available at this time.