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Nocturnal Lights

Purchase with Confidence
If you're reading about the warranty policy you have probably had some experiences with product failure. Our line of LED Dive Lights are considered one of the most reliable high-end underwater lighting systems in the market because of the strict quality control and the design specs. The aluminum housing with the double o-rings will not warp or crack upon impact. The sliding switch does not lose its integrity unlike some of the push-button or toggle switches, and the ability to use consumer batteries (AA, D) eliminates all technical and human errors related to proprietary battery packs and chargers. 

Chances are you will never have to deal with warranty or repairs, but here it is for your peace of mind.

Nocturnal Lights Inc. warrants all of our products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for 3 years from the purchase to date. The product must be purchased from an authorized Nocturnal Lights dealer and it is only valid for the original purchaser.

This warranty covers all of the component parts of the product except for the NiMH battery pack (only for selected models) - which are covered for 3 months after the purchase. This warranty does not cover deterioration due to normal wear and tear, damage from misuse, alteration, negligence, accidents, or unauthorized repairs. Nocturnal Lights will repair or replace parts which are defective in workmanship or materials.

Damaged Products
Damaged products can either be taken to your local Nocturnal Lights dealer or mailed to us for examination, servicing, and repairs. Please contact the original seller of the product for further instructions.


Keldan Lights & BS Kinetics

Purchase with Confidence
Rest easy and know that will match both Keldan Lights' and BS Kinetics' warranties should a product ever have to go through warranty our repairs.

Keldan Lights dive and video lights come with a two (2) year manufacturer's warranty after mailing an included warranty within 14 days of purchasing the light. The warranty is limited to material defects which occur when correctly handling the product. The warranty does NOT cover the battery. The warranty is void for defects as a result of improper use.

BS Kinetics housings are not returnable since they are custom built to customer needs. All BS Kinetics products are backed by a two (2) year manufacturer's warranty.